Lance Rock

You heard rumors about Lance Rock from two sources:

  • Kaylessa, proprietor of the Swinging Sword is disturbed about the recent disturbances in Red Larch. Many travelers who pass through her inn have mentioned strange magical events in the Lance Rock area.
  • Two local children mistook Khezmir for a “Dorf” they encountered recently who warned them away from the Lance Rock area because of signs of plague.

A prominent landmark near Red Larch, Lance Rock is a slender stone monolith that juts up out of the plains a few miles west of the Long Road. It stands only about 25 feet high, but the land nearby is flat and open, so it can be seen from miles away on a clear day. Lance Rock is made of granite that doesn’t match any other stone nearby.

A few hundred feet south of the stone is a ravine choked with brush. A trail leads into the brush near a neatly-painted sign that reads, in Common:
Come no closer
lest you catch
the disfiguring plague
that afflicts me!
The Lord of Lance Rock

The trail continues down to a cave mouth. Another warning sign with the same message is posted by the opening.

Inside the cave, you met the self-styled Lord of Lance Rock.

Lance Rock

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