Magobarl "Barley" Lorren

Town Baker with a shady past


The energetic proprietor of Lorren’s Bakery, Mangobarl Lorren (known as Barley to his friends), thrives on gossip and can spin many wild tales. Few are true, and none of the secrets are his own.


What is not well known in Red Larch is that Lorren is a semi-retired member of the Shadow Thieves, a criminal network with a small foothold in Waterdeep. He sends and receives frequent shipments to Waterdeep, and can act as a fence or courier.

Mangobarl heard about Pell Mhandyvver’s scare at the crypt in the hills off the Larch Path and went to look for himself. He saw a goblin near the spot, and figured that a gang of the creatures had moved in and rigged a “haunt” to scare off intruders. He tells any Zhentarim character that it might be worthwhile to talk to Minthra Mhandyvver—treasure could be hidden in the tomb, and it shouldn’t be left to a band of goblins.

Magobarl "Barley" Lorren

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